Andis Clippers, Trimmers and Blades

Andis Clippers, Trimmers and Blades

Andis, Created in 1922, generates the best high quality clippers and andis outliner trimmer made for the professional stylist or utilize in the home. Manufactured from the U.S. and dispersed around the globe, they provide a complete line of professional products. They provide significant duty to light weight, flexible versions, cordless, kits, combos, and ones intended for nose and ear dressing. All these quiet-operating, lightweight tools may take care of the complete grooming task, ears, head, and body.

Some of the very popular Andis versions are:

Elevate Speedmaster - Has 4 times the cutting power of comparable magnetic versions. The top quality stainless-steel adjusts from size #000 to #1 using the touch of a lever and works well on moist or dry ! Comes with 8 attachment combs, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.

Enriched Mastrer w/Fade Blade - Fits comfortably in any hand and is created for thick hair cutting. Also has an aluminum aluminum casing that last for many years together with an elastic blade which may be gapped and cuts hair from # 5 00000 (1/125") to #000 (1/100").

Fhat Master - The ideal for all round styling and barbering and is intended to cut more hair lengths around a 2 blade. It is strong magnetic motor creates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute along with also the exclusive, non-toxic supplies better-grip using a textured finish!

13 Part Ultra Adaptive Blade Kit - Cuts hair out of fine to coarse with using a lever! It's long-life stainless steel blades using a strong, silent magnetic engine. Engineered and designed for simple use, long life and professional cutting results. Give the entire family an ideal hair cut in your home with advantage whilst Saving Money!

Andis beard trimmer

Outliner I - Design And is perfect for trimming difficult to get areas, beards, mustaches in addition to edging around ears while still preserving speed, flexibility and control! The Powerful motor runs quiet and cool to get professional styling with a contour-shaped casing that fits any hand comfortably. Additionally equipped with all the Andis T-Blade for increased flexibility, security and flexibility!

Outliner II - Has a very close-cutting blade which makes it ideal for all outlining and evaporating. Contoured home and also a high-speed engine ensures a lifetime. The high quality carbon steel blades & Fine-cutting teeth perfect for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears.

Guru Duette Pivot Motor Combo - Pivot Pro Hair Trimmer and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper united to generate the prefect mix of precision and power. Offered in pink and Grey

Andis Also generates two top quality blades to coincide with their specialist clippers and trimmers. The UltraEdge blade is a high accuracy Removable clipper blade. These include Andis's exclusive carburized Hardening procedure and a rust resistant chrome finish which makes them The longest lasting, smoothest cutting blade in the business. CeramicEdge blades, Made from certified zirconium oxide ceramic, operate 75% Cooler than conventional blades and also have a higher durability score. These blades stay sharper longer, are somewhat resistant to breakingup, and reduce Smoothly through hair irrespective of density. Both are ensured to Keep an optimum cutting operation considerably more than standard blades. They can be found in sizes that range from 1/125" to 1/2". Andis Additionally produces removable clipper combs made from durable nylon.

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